I am a mom of 4. I love to cook and try new recipes.
Every once in awhile a new recipe is tried and the family often responds with "mom..it's a keeper" meaning add this one to the family recipe book. So here I've compiled them all in one spot so they're easy to get to and add to. Hope you enjoy them as much as we have, and maybe they'll be keepers for you as well.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

35 days!

So it's been 35 days since we've changed our way of eating.  No more hamburgers, no more hot dogs :)

We've been vegetarian with a few meals that include fish, so technically we're pescatarian.  We are LOVING this new way of eating!  The only complaints I can say is that it's really hard to keep the fresh vegetables and fruit from going bad too quickly.  So It seems like I'm going to shopping more often. 

I love trying new dishes, especially ones with lots of flavor.  I have really been enjoying turning our older, favorites into more healthier vegetarian alternatives, and the surprising thing is that we, my family and even the kids have not missed the meat at all.

I can't wait to try more new and yummy recipes and continue to learn ways to feed my family healthy tasty meals.

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