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Monday, September 7, 2015

Dr. Christopher Hashimoto Protocol

For 2 Weeks:
5 - 5x a day Immuncalm or Astragulus Extract and Marshmellow extract (this helps calm the immune system)
5- 5x a day BFC capsules or BFC ointment rubbed on thyroid (Helps repair damage to the thyroid)
2-3x a day thyroid maintenance capsules with meals

After 2 weeks take the following:
2 - 3x a day immuncalm or astragulas extract and marshmellow extract
2 - 3x a day BFC capsules or BFC ointment rubbed on thyroid
2 - 3x a day thyroid maintenance capsules with meals.
**always taking these for 6 days and the 7th day off.

Maintain a mucousless diet (no dairy, processed foods)

apricot seeds 6-30 per day
Frankinscense added to BFC for thyroid
Apple Cider vinegar and honey (for digestion)
Molasses 1T. 3x a day for Iron
Wheat germ oil 1T. 3x a day
Cayenne 1t. 3x a day.

3 parts mullien, 1 part lobelia leave on all night, 6 nights a week until relief is made) for goiters
1 c. 2-3x a day of mullein and lobelia tea
Glandular formula & wet compress on thyroid, wrap with plastic wrap & strips of cotton wrapped around.  wear 24 hours a day.

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